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Welcome to DIGIBookx™ Support
DIGIBookx™ gives you peace of mind with its free and comprehensive support. We are available 24/7 for a prompt response to your query or to help with anything DIGIBookx™. You can choose to either email us or call us directly on our support phone for quicker resolution.
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When will I receive my transaction data?
For an average batch that consists of around 60 documents, DIGIBookx™ will take approximately 2 hours to download, process, verify and send you back your transaction data to be uploaded in QuickBooks™. Once DIGIBookx™ is familiar with your documents, you can expect faster turnaround times.
I sent a new batch but the batch status shows “No Pending Updates”?
You will receive this message because DIGIBookx™ is still processing your batch and it is isn’t ready for upload. It could be extraction or verifying your data. Once the process is complete, DIGIBookx™ will automatically upload the batch to your machine and you will then receive a notification that an update is pending.
How can I change my plan?
If your documents exceed your monthly limit, rest assured that your processing will not stop. You will receive an email stating the processing details and will be asked whether you want to upgrade to a higher plan. If not you can continue with the same plan and you will be charged accordingly or you will be otherwise upgraded. You can also choose a different plan in the admin area.
How do I map my Chart of Accounts to DIGIBookx™?
When you first setup your DIGIBookx™ account, you will be asked to upload a old company file, which will then be used to “train” DIGIBookx™ on your Chart of Accounts. A support team member will verify the COA along with you after it has been uploaded to QuickBooks™. A couple of iterations is all it takes for DIGIBookx™ to accurately map your COA.
How do I deal with errors during upload to QuickBooks™?
DIGIBookx™ will display the error message in its upload screen and by clicking on the message, you will be shown how to fix it. Most error arise from COA or item differences which will be shown to you by DIGIBookx™. You can select or add new items and the errors will not reappear during further processing.
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13062626 Unable to send documents Aug 01,2014 Nov 03, 2014  [14:24] Closed Re-Open
13062626 Problem with installation of DIGIBookx™ Aug 04,2014 Aug 05, 2014  [10:15] Open
Ticket No. - 13062626
Client Name
Unable to send documents
Ticket Raised
August 01,2014  14:24
This is in regards to uploading of file to DIGIBookx™. I am unable to drag the files to DIGIBox.
Please help.

Wilson Mathew
Customer Support
Hi Manu,
Thank you for contacting DIGIBookx™.
We are sorry to hear that you unable to send documents.
Our customer representative will be in touch with you shortly to solve the issue. I appreciate your patience.
Wilson Mathew
DIGIBookx™ Customer Service.
August 01,2014  14:24
DIGIBookx™ User
Hi Wilson,
Thanks for your help. Problem solved

August 01,2014  16:05
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