Powerful Features
Automated process eliminates tedious data entry
100% accuracy using improved form processing
Patented technology for precise data extraction
Automated export into QuickBooks, MYOB & Xero
Single, multiple document and transaction support
Intelligent real-time learning for smart data capture
Minimal manual intervention for higher security
Account mapping makes error correction simpler
Focus on Value
Concentrate on growing your business by using the time and cost saving features of DIGIBookx™.
Useful Tools
Reduce Paper Processes
Automatically get your ledgers updated after sending your scanned financial data
Enable Accuracy and Efficiency
Easily ascertain data validity and manage changes with the audit and control tool
Control your Data
Store and view all scanned financial data in a secure searchable repository
Quick Links
Automate your Finances
DIGIBookx™ allows you manage invoices, bills and other financial transactions with a timely and accurate solution that requires no data entry. The DIGIBookx™ desktop front end application integrates with your accounting software allowing you to upload or scan ...
Automate Data Upload
When you subscribe to the DIGIBookx™ service, we provide you with tools so that you can upload existing files such as PDFs, Images or Excel Spreadsheets or you can scan paper files such as invoices, statements and receipts for processing. This includes single page documents, multipage documents and any ...
Map your Chart of Accounts
DIGIBookx™ intelligently learns from your Chart of Accounts and then automatically uploads data into the exact class of items for which the transactions occur. When a new item is first encountered, it is flagged for your review to ensure that it is accurately ...
Control your Data
DIGIBookx™ securely stores the original scanned data in ISO standard PDF files. You can easily and access and review these images and transactions by using DIGIBookx™ internal secure repository. In addition you can use one of our partner’s powerful ...
5 Simple Steps for Stress Free Bookkeeping
  1. Contact us to sign up for DIGIBookx™, select a plan and send us sample accounting data. We will train DIGIBookx™ to your Chart of Accounts.
  2. Send us your electronic accounting documents or scan in your paper documents. You can use our DIGIBox to simply drag and drop the documents.
  3. DIGIBookx™ will automatically extract your data, verify it for accuracy and map to your Chart of Accounts. We process over two dozen transaction types and over 140 file types.
  4. Login to DIGIBookx™ and download the latest transactions.
  5. One click and all your data is automatically updated into your accounting system. Or review each transaction and upload them individually, it’s your choice.