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How do I send documents to the DIGIBookx™ for processing?
There are several basic ways to do this:
  1. Scan the Document − You can easily scan the document using your scanner or one that we have provided to you. Our scanner software will automatically send documents to the service for processing
  2. Upload the Documents − You can drag and drop over 140 different file types into DIGIBox, the drop box for DIGIBookx™. The documents will be automatically sent
  3. Email − The last way is to email your documents to DIGIBookx™ for processing. After your account is setup, you can request to have an email account set up specifically for you. Then all you have to do is email your documents to have them processed.
  4. Other options that are available for an additional cost are Fax-In and Mail-In service, the Fax-In service is handy for users who aren’t technically savvy and the Mail-In service is very useful if you have a large back log of scanning to be done.
Do I need to install any software?
DIGIBookx™ is a service, however we recommend that you use our tools to make it easier. We will typically install three tools on your computer for a simple integration, the Scanner Tool (DIGIScan), the DropBox Tool and the Automatic Updates Tool. DIGIScan allows for easy scanning and seamless uploading of your documents to DIGIBookx™. DIGIBox allows for the easy drag and drop of your documents for processing and DIGIBookQB lets you check for updates and allows you to update your QuickBooks™ automatically or manually.
How does the process work?
After you send us your files via Scanning, Uploading, Email, Fax or Bulk Mail then we will process your transactions quickly, securely and accurately. DIGIEON Technologies using a proprietary and patented process extracts the data from the documents including, but not limited to - Transaction Type, Vendor, Customer or Payee information, individual line item data and other transaction specific data. The extracted transaction data is then put through a complex and thorough QC and Review process that guarantees 99.99% accuracy. This data that has been validated and verified through our QC process is now exported into a native QB format, which is then ready for download and then upload to your QB. Depending on your local setting, whether you choose manual or automatic uploads, the data is then uploaded to your QB for further review and updates.
Will my data be accurate?
DIGIBookx™ uses a patented and proprietary forms processing technology to automatically extract and process the data. The data is then subjected to a rigorous Quality Control and Review process that ensures 99.99% accuracy on all of the captured data.
How will I receive the captured data?
Once your data has been extracted, reviewed and verified, it is then placed in your secure IN BOX folder. Based on your local DIGIBookx™ setting of either manual or automatic updates, a service automatically processes the extracted data from the DIGIBookx™ servers and uploads it to QB or you if you prefer you can also do it manually. Any data with errors in upload can be fixed on the fly on the DIGIBookx™ screen and updated to QB. You can map accounts, mange different company files and do so much more with the DIGIBookx™ service.
How do I keep track of transactions?
There is no limit on the number of transactions. DIGIBookx™ will track all processed transactions and documents and inform you if you are reaching close to your document limit. You have the option of either upgrading or continuing with the same limit but at a different rate for extra documents. In any case, your processing will not stop, and you will be sent a monthly invoice with all your relevant information.
How do I view the scanned documents?
Along with the extraction service, you will also be provided a secure, searchable document repository, where all your scanned and extracted information will be uploaded. You can search, retrieve and view all your current and past financial scanned data at the click of a button. All images will be compressed and optimized, so the repository does not utilize your local system resources. For additional services you can also utilize one of our partners, such as SmartVault.com or RightNetworks.com
Can I modify extracted data?
Yes, you can modify data before uploading it to QB, and you can map it to a different account, view all related transactions, and perform different actions on the data.
What are the different types of transactions processed?
DIGIBookx™ supports over two dozen different transaction types including the following list, if you ever need a specialized transaction type, you can contact our support to have one created.
  • Fixed Invoice
  • Packing Invoice
  • Product Invoice
  • Professional Invoice
  • Service Invoice
  • Time Invoice
  • Bill
  • Card
  • Receive Payment
  • Card Payment
  • Bill Pay
  • Deposit
  • Write Check
  • Itemized Bill
  • Sales Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Bank Statement
  • Journal Entry
How secure is DIGIBookx™?
DIGIBookx™ uses minimal manual intervention in the data extraction process, and our methodology restricts individuals from seeing all of the data at any given one time. All sensitive information is constantly guarded and the automated process is regularly reviewed and tested for security to ensure that your data is not at risk. All our QC process associates work in an access controlled and secure environment and undergo strict background checks. Your data is secure even during transmission and storage, as we use SSL to secure lines of communication from your local system to the service, as well as encrypting your files stored with us.