Minimum Stress
Eliminate the hassle of handling your accounts while reducing dependence on resources
Remove transposition errors due to automatic processing of your uploaded financial documents
Eliminate inaccurate data and delays as your information is securely and precisely extracted
Reduce wastage as resources can be used for more value added tasks
Do away with costly overheads and storage costs as data is archived using our repository
Tangible Benefits
Automatically updating your accounts with DIGIBookx™ lets you focus on value added tasks that help you grow your business.
Maximum Savings
Substantial Cost Savings
Save on per transaction cost by almost 50% and the costs of bookkeeping by up to 75%.
Save on Time
Automated process saves time by eliminating manual data extraction and validation.
Greater Efficiency
Profit with higher productivity, better efficiency and faster turnaround times.
Process Flow
Time is money. And time spent on keeping your books, whilst essential, doesn't earn money for your business. Yet it needn't cost as much as you are currently spending - or take anywhere near the time to produce.
This revolution has been a long time coming. Letters have mostly been replaced by e-mails. Going to the bank has been replaced by direct transfers. And now bookkeeping has DIGIBookx™.
We process all of your digital, printed and even handwritten invoices and receipts, your bank and merchant transactions directly into your QuickBooks™, MYOB®, SAGE or Xero accounting packages.
In hours - not days or weeks - for a fraction of the price!
We have developed very smart software and processes to transfer all your bookkeeping documentation quickly and efficiently into your accounting package. You provide us with the raw materials and we'll have you checking out your cashflow and other important metrics faster than you've ever done before.
We are quick, accurate - and secure.
The benefits don't stop there. We have solved common bookkeeping problems such as high costs, slow turnaround, human resources and even the vagaries and uncertainties of off-shoring to save a dollar.
We provide:
  • Consistently high quality data entry
  • Facilitation of faster, more timely and accurate management reports
  • A searchable paperless library that can instantaneously retrieve a source document
  • A reduction in overheads
  • A reduction in document storage space
With DIGIBookx™, you can concentrate on the things that really matter to your business and leave all the tedious data entry work for us. Your data is accurately extracted and quickly updated to your accounting software. You are assured of our unlimited email support and with the DIGIBookx™ Online dashboard, you can monitor, view, share and manage your accounts, invoices and transactions in real time, all prepared with a single click – no more waiting for month end.
DIGIBookx™ accurately processes all digital, printed and even handwritten invoices, receipts, bank and merchant transactions directly into accounting package. This allows you to take on more clients, save on associated costs and increase your throughput, while enabling you to work faster and more efficiently than you've ever done.
Current Bookkeeping Practices:
The current bookkeeping practice is limited to a certain number of clients, which means limited income levels. Hiring new staff can be time consuming and costly. And new employees require a period of training that results in lowered revenue during that time.
You also need to handle the marketing, sales, client management, IT technical services, and administration. Do you have enough hours in the day to undertake these tasks – as well as check your staff's work? After coping with all of the above issues, you may come back to find that your staff have resigned, and within days poach some of your key clients.
DIGIBookx™ opens the door to many more opportunities. After using DIGIBookx™:
  • There will be no need to train staff on basic bookkeeping
  • It will be difficult for staff to poach clients
  • Less time will be required on the audit of processed data
  • More time will be available to market your business and increase the number of clients
  • New found productive time can be spent on higher level tasks which can be chargeable at a higher rate per hour
  • Faster turnaround of accounts means clients will have the information available for timely critical management decisions
  • The use of a unique online searchable repository that can quickly retrieve archived PDF documents
  • You retain clients because of zero errors, faster turnaround times and lesser costs
Benefits of DIGIBookx™ for Bookkeepers
  • Consistent quality of data
  • Elimination of errors
  • Elimination of handover downtime – the process is ongoing
  • Continuation of service to clients – DIGIBookx™ negates the severity of the impact of staff resignations on data processing volumes
  • Reduction in the number of senior staff supervising Bookkeepers, allowing them to provide higher level accounting services to clients
  • Improvement in relations with your clients knowing that the quality of information is consistent, timely and accurate
Clients often don't know the difference between a CPA and a bookkeeping service. They expect their CPA to be a one-stop shop that will also provide bookkeeping services or at worst, recommend a contract bookkeeper.
There is an expectation that those CPA's who do provide bookkeeping services will offer higher level services as the client's business grows. Provision of less than satisfactory services can impact badly - and even lead to the loss of a client. So, there is a huge reliance on speed and accuracy of data entry by the bookkeeper.
Data entry problems can be:
  • Slow turnaround – impacts on the way clients perceive value of service
  • Poor accuracy – forces double handling and slows down turnaround
  • Staff retention – hand-over to a new bookkeeper is time consuming and costly.
To overcome these impediments, DIGIBookx™ provides the training, audit and verification process. DIGIBookx™ also maps the Chart of Accounts after the initial training with a sample book. DIGIBookx™ also enables adding items on the fly. This not only makes the data extraction precise, it is also faster, error free and more secure as there is minimal manual intervention in the long term.
Benefits of DIGIBookx™ for CPA's
  • Minimise the risk to your practice
  • Provide bookkeeping services at a reduced cost to your client – which also increases your margin on the service
  • Faster, more timely and accurate management reports
  • Create a searchable paperless library that can instantaneously retrieve the source document
  • Reduce document storage space
  • Spend more time performing higher level tasks for the client – which results in the generation of higher fees.